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VICDA aims to achieve lasting solutions in the quality of life of unprivileged children and society in Kenya, through bringing people together and creating awareness of what need to be done to the most unfortunate in the community to have a quality life and a right to live like everyone else.


To promote child welfare awareness, education & sensitize and/or motivate marginalized slum and vulnerable communities to facilitate empowerment for sustainable social change and economic development.


  • The main goal of Volunteer International Community Development Africa is to initiate sustainable development initiatives aimed to empower and enlighten communities in child welfare issues and for the purpose of encouraging formal education thereby effectively participating in socio-economic change and development.
  • Empowering the underprivileged within the Community through creating sustainable projects to enable them to meet their basic needs and participate in socio-economic development.
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Children Feeding Program
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Provision of Shelter
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Provision of Clean water
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Construction of schools
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In Kenya, the situation of Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC) is an issue of National concern. Currently it is estimated that there are over 2.4 million Orphans in the country, 47 percent are orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS, and many more remain vulnerable due to several other factors.

Children affected by HIV/AIDS are vulnerable long before their parents die. Girls, in particular, assume caring responsibilities for their ailing parents besides parenting for their siblings. With the weakening extended family systems in our society most children find themselves without proper social support with the incapacitation and death of their parents. This denies the OVC a chance to access their basic needs such as proper health care, education, shelter, and nutrition. Orphans suffer stigma, stress, and trauma in addition to the loss of parental love, care, and protection and more often they are disinherited.

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